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An alternative venue. For weirdos, by weirdos

Creepatorium was created to host alternative events and foster a welcoming community for the strange and unusual. We curate in-house events such as Sacrilegious Sunday, Vendor Markets, and Horror Book Club as well as offer our customizable venue for community rentals. We hope to provide a safe, accessible and inclusive space for the horror, alt, and queer communities.


Emerald Boes (she/her)

Emerald owns HORRID, Denver's Horror Shop and has hosted community events for over three years including vendor markets, workshops and themed events. Her passion for horror movies and all things dark & spooky are apparent in all of her work. She is the co-owner and marketing manager of Creepatorium. Outside of work, she also loves eating and hanging with her pug, Lasagna. 


Presley Peach (they/them)

As a professional clown and event producer with over 10 years experience in the industry, Presley Peach is known for their combination of silly and macabre performances as well as producing events under their company Consensual Circus, a local performance company that is known to produce events that push the boundaries of societal taboos. They are passionate about performance art as a means of connection, community, and resistance.


As the co-owner of Creepatorium you will often find them running around the space organizing performances and putting out fires. Outside of work you’ll find Presley drinking wine and reading horror.

A slimey green circus tent top.

1974 S Acoma St

Denver, CO 80223

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